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Keith Johnson keithdj at
Mon Dec 31 16:11:18 EST 2001

To quote from our masthead "The Activist is an independent publication
serving the permaculture movement in North America. Our primary goal is
to provide information useful to people actively working to establish
permaculture systems "on the ground".

Do you (all) think it might be time to expand our coverage? North
Americans are our principal subscribers after all (most of them on the
west coast, incidentally). We'd love to hear more about Pc'ists work in
Mexico, Canada and the rest of the US. We need more writers, more
documentation of projects to report on, and generally more Pc news about
the Americas.

Your feedback is very welcome.

keller wrote:

> Hi Keith, is there any regional limit for the Activist? I mean are you
> limited to the Americas or would you also publish something from
> Africa. I just identified (after some detective work on the internet)
> some permaculturist in Cameroon. They were hard to find because they
> have no website yet and had never posted anything anywhere. I am now
> in email contact with them. I don't know, but they might be interested
> in writing about their work or at least introducing themselves. Don't
> know if that could be interesting for the Activist, but it could fit
> the topic "Making Changes" (about geting pc started in that country).
> I am also working on little a project there (organizing a pc course in
> Cameroon) but that is in too early a stage now to write about it
> (requires some fundraising first). Greetings and Happy new YearAdreas
> Keller
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