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Sun Dec 30 23:05:45 EST 2001

Hi Kevin, Jamil,,,
We're happy to take look at articles. Our themes and deadlines are printed in
each issue of the Activist on the editorial page (though the thought occurs to
me, I should also put it on the website), but if you haven't a copy handy,
here's what we printed: #48 Making Changes (on political and social activism,
regional development projects, etc.), deadline, Jan 30, 2002. Further themes
and deadlines have yet to be determined.

Please be patient everyone. You haven't missed an issue.

Due to major ecovillage infrastructure projects (a 700 ft road up an 80ft hill
to a 10,000 gallon ferrocement watertank for which Peter and I were project
managers), the madness of 9/11, and trying to work on the magazine (mostly
Peter with a little help from me) in the middle of a construction zone (a
heat-piped slab floor with a tongue and groove maple floor soon to host a
week-long community revisioning marathon a week from now) in our community
center (our offices are still under construction and could be habitable by
winter 2002) issue #47, on Watersheds, is way behind schedule. It should reach
subscribers by mid or late Feb. The #48 deadline will probably be extended to
March so you have plenty of time to get your story together.


Kevin Snorf wrote:

> Hello-
> I was potentially interested in starting to submit articles if you were
> interested. If you could let me know when deadlines are and what topics are
> for upcoming issues that would be great. I just had two articles published
> in the hopedance issue on permaculture which recently came out. I was
> considering expanding those articles and submitting those to the activist.
> Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks,
> Kevin Snorf
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