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1earth permaculture permaculture1 at
Sat Dec 29 08:09:16 EST 2001

>PFAF is in a bit of a tricky spot financially and we seriously need
to get some funding for our many projects, database development is one
of them.
>We are throwing the idea of releasing the database as open source,
some funding could easily help prod us in the right direction.
>This is of course different to funding the database being discussed
on the list.
>Funding for this would be nice as it is a really big task compiling
the data (many man years have gone into compiling the pfaf database).

One wonders then if it would be wise for us to throw all our energies
behind PFAF, upgrading and incorporating the new ideas being generated
by this discussion? Might be best to have one successful Plants DB
than two struggling ones.


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