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> The value of defining permaculture competencies and providing the training
> so that students become basically competent in them is that permaculture
> designers/ activists or whatever they call themselves can actually deliver
> workable systems to the clients/ communities they work with.
> Bravo..well put.
> Problem is where do you find such people in your local area? How much do such
> services cost? 

Permaculture International Ltd is developing an online directory of members
and the services they offer.

As for fees, developing a scale of charges will likely form part of setting
up a 'professional association', part of the accreditation process with the
Australian National Training Authority.

> And how do you know the PC designer will actually come up with
> a solution that is affordable, doable on your land

This, too, should be addressed as part of setting up the professional
association as a set of minimum standards applicable to any permaculture
project or work.... like the quality assurance standards established by
other industries. Presumably, members of the professional association would
comply with the standards, which would be available to the public.
...Russ Grayson

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