Teacher training ?

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Fri Dec 28 14:12:23 EST 2001

Hi Claude,

Claude Genest wrote:

> Hi Keith !
> Do you think there might be enough interest out here amongst the EPTA to
> entice Jude Hobbes over for some teacher training ?

Not likely. Our teacher's course is likely to happen in Sept. Perhaps you'd like to
come down and get some practice coteaching with us in the fundamentals or

> Also, what's the EPTA ( estimated 'proximate time of arrival) of the latest
> issue of the activist ?

Should be out by Early Feb. Sorry for the delay. Peter and I took time off to build a
500 ft road and a 10,000 gallon ferrocement water tank for Earthaven. Also the council
hall where we have our offices is a construction site as the new home-grown and milled
tongue and groove maple flooring is going in over the heat piped slab recently
installed. It's going to be gorgeous!

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