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Invites you to a great opportunity of intensive Permaculture training in
Latin America
By Peter Bane (US) & Gustavo Ramirez (Argentina)

Permaculture Design Course -From 16th February to 1st march 2002

Permaculture Advance course on Ecovillage Design -From 8th to 13th march


Permaculture is the design of human-centered environments - towns,
homes, gardens, and farms - to work with, not against Nature. We can
create neighborhoods and villages that harvest energy from the wind and
sun, capture and store rainwater, produce food for their inhabitants,
and build soil and clean their own wastes while existing in harmony with
the wildness of the landscape around them. Permaculture principles can
also be applied to the design of social and economic systems that will
support restoration of the earth and nurture self-reliant communities.

This revolutionary and holistic design system is based on the
integration of widespread grassroots research, the wisdom of traditional
peoples, and modern ecological science. Originating with the work of
Austrlaians David Holmgren and Bill Mollison, Permaculture is now taught
and practiced by thousands of men and women in over 60 countries.

This courses brings together experienced designers from Northern and
Southern ecovillages to share the challenges and success of their projects

Peter Bane took his initial training in Permaculture design with Max
Lindegger and Lea Harrison in 1990, and has gone on to teach over 25
design courses, most recently in Chile, Colorado, Michigan, and North
Carolina. For over ten years he has published The Permaculture Activist,
North America's leading journal of permaculture design. As editor,
author, and journalist, he has reported on Permaculture systems from
Nepal to Scandanavia, and his writing has been published in more than a
dozen journals and books in Britain, Canada, Australia, South Africa,
and the United States, including Planet Drum, Katuah Journal,
Permaculture International Journal, Communities Magazine, Eco-Farm and
Garden, The Villager, The Overstory Book, and others.
A consultant to Slippery Rock University (Pennsylvania) in the design of
its graduate program in sustainable systems, and a charter faculty
member of the Ecovillage Training Center in Tennessee, Peter is
presently a board member of Culture's Edge, an educational non-profit
sponsoring programs in sustainable living in the Southern Appalachian
Mountains. He has pioneered new course formats in Permaculture education
and received the International Permaculture Community Service Award in
1994. Since that time he has been a member of Earthaven Ecovillage in
western North Carolina. He joined the community's founding group seven
years ago, has served as its Firekeeper (president) and Waterbearer
(treasurer), and has played a leading role in developing the village
Land Use Plan. Recently he built a timber-frame and clay-straw cottage
for himself from local and salvaged materials. A native of Illinois,
Peter has lived in all regions of the United States, as well as in
Hawaii, Ireland, and Mexico.

Gustavo Ramirez Since his youth art, oriental spirituality and nature have
fascinated him. Graduated as a veterinarian in 1983, since then he had
participated in several wildlife projects.
He got interested in the health of the planet as a whole and started working
towards the protection of two wild areas near Buenos Aires City. Whilst
working there he creates and developed an environmental education program
based on the deep connection with nature.
He is founder member of Gaia Association. He lives in Gaia Ecovillage
project since five years ago, and has played a leading role in the general
design of the site. He recently built with his wife their cob cottage with
local materials.
With Permaculture he funded the synthesis of many areas in which he has been
working separately, which has opened new paths in his work with nature.
He took his initial training in Permaculture design with Max Lindegger in
1996, and has gone on to teach Permaculture Design Course in Argentina,
Uruguay, Peru, Chile.
He creates and coordinates Instituto Argentino de Permacultura. He is an
active member of RAPEL (Latin-American Permaculture support network) and has
made presentation in 1st Latin-American Congress in Argentina. He is also an
active member since the creation of GEN (Global Ecovillage Network) and ENA
(Ecovillage Network of Americas)
One of the main interest at the moment is the adaptation of Permaculture
systems to the Latin-American reality, and the inclusion of art, native
flora, and popular knowledge to his designs.

Permaculture Design Course

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