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FranksFarm at aol.com FranksFarm at aol.com
Thu Dec 27 10:18:31 EST 2001

Happy New Year to all:)

Thanks again for the URL on that Ag Library <A 
Agriculture Library Index</A>.

I read Yeoman's book as suggested. I think I know where the keylines are but 
I'm still not 100% positive. By the way there are pictures on the web site of 
various farm scenes. My ground kind of looks like the hills in the background 
of the picture of the dam at Nevellan.

One aspect of his book raises questions for me.

It seems that much of the thinking in conservation, etc., thinking says that 
it's often best to maintain/preserve forests tracks as forest. Yeoman's 
advocates clearcutting much of the hills and valleys, but recommends forested 
shelter belts of sufficient size in keyline areas, etc. He seems to feel this 
is the best of both world's and that to leave valleys forested is NOT the way 
to go.

Also I saw a picture of a Graham plow. Very fortuitous:) I recently purchased 
a 13' John Deere cultivator that looks remarkably similar. I had intended to 
use it for leveling fairly ground, and cultivation. Now it seems like the 
tool of choice for keyline cultivation:)

Though I have read the chapter on Pasture my take is that you plow on the 
contour parallel to the keyline or to some guideline. Is this so?

He also seems to advocate filling in gullies? In my case this seems like a 
big job since drains cover a few miles. I'll try and fill with debris over 
time. Any other suggestions?

Best to all. Frank

Look forward to more discussion


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