Water Ponding/Management

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Wed Dec 26 10:55:42 EST 2001

><<If water converges into a single gully, you could divert
>the water higher up.>> Yes...that is what I would like to do. But am not 
>where, or how to divert that water. Overflow pipe seems to be a good 
>to spill way.
>Getting to site to build a pond ay pose problems. I know I'd not feel
>comfortable on those slopes:)
><<Typically a key line is identified as
>the line where the land changes from convex to concave.
>It is here that water tends to collect, therefore can be
>diverted laterally by opening the soil with a key line plow
>or subsoiler.>> Yes, that is what I thought but John S.'s explanation left 
>puzzled. The drains do tend to snake across the slope of the hills as they
>are. So what do I need to do to exploit, capitalize on such?

      There is a web libary version of Yeomans, P.A. The Keyline Plan, on 
the soil and health libary
http://www.soilandhealth.org/01aglibrary/01principles.html. This explains 
the whole Keyline system and may make it easier for you to see how to go 
about solving your water problems.

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