permaculture digest: December 25, 2001

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Wed Dec 26 03:50:01 EST 2001

>>Seems the (information) rich get richer and the poor get nothing -
again. The people that would most benefit from a Plants DB aren't
being considered. Asia, South America and Africa should be catered
for! And don't forget Australia and the Pacific :)

>I also see a lot of patronizing in the latter paragraph that I don't

My suggestion that the third world not be left out of a Plants DB was
not meant to be patronising. The previous suggestion was for a
European and North American Plants DB, which I would not like to see.

>All 'those people' are capable and competent in their own domains and
some probably have far more plant knowledge in their
personal/collective culture and daily living than any non-biological
plant DB could ever encompass or than I could hope to acquire in the
rest of my life.

Isn't that being patronising? Their plants knowledge is
unquestionable, however, their access to the web and useful data
pertaining to their region needs a big boost, and I would hope that a
Plants DB developed by permies would not only consider them, but in
fact give PREFERENCE to them.

I did see a suggestion that the DB be of an open source where people
with plants knowledge could contribute, and that I support entirely.
It would possibly need regional editors, but that's something that
would people a sense of ownership of the DB - and that's a very good


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