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<< The value of defining permaculture competencies and providing the training
so that students become basically competent in them is that permaculture
designers/ activists or whatever they call themselves can actually deliver
workable systems to the clients/ communities they work with. >>

Bravo..well put.

Problem is where do you find such people in your local area? How much do such 
services cost? And how do you know the PC designer will actually come up with 
a solution that is affordable, doable on your land

Unfortunately many of the folks who lean to PC are often back to the land 
types, who have turned their backs on conventional attitudes. Many are well 
educated; leave much higher paying jobs and then are confronted /overwhelmed 
by details/complexities of the programs needed to implement sustainable/PC 

In addition money is often scarce:)

If any of the PC gurus would like to spend a few days vacation down here and 
help me design a sustainable preserve please let me know. The land imho is 
very beautiful, very private and has lots of natural resources. I want to 
preserve, and enhance it, and don't want to botch the job:)

Happy Holidays   Frank


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