Plant DB - user friendly/funding?

1earth permaculture permaculture1 at
Mon Dec 24 03:05:34 EST 2001

>> "design by committee"
>sounds Orwellian.

Hehehehe, it does! And so does this:

>> We need a DB oriented toward North America and those in Europe need
their own.

All people are created equal, but some are more equal than others!

Seems the (information) rich get richer and the poor get nothing -
again. The people that would most benefit from a Plants DB aren't
being considered. Asia, South America and Africa should be catered
for! And don't forget Australia and the Pacific :)

In fact, if the problem is the answer, perhaps funding for this Plants
DB project might lay in the FAO, WHO or similar body, with emphasis in
the funding application being that it is a global plants database. Any
ideas on how much $$ it would be to create the DB??

Wow, only six hours to Santa! Merry Christmas everyone :)


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