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Mon Dec 24 01:53:25 EST 2001


> The value of defining permaculture compentencies and providing the
> training so that students become basically competent in them is that
> permaculture designers/ activists or whatever they call themselves 
> can actually deliver workable systems to the clients/ communities 
> they work with. This would, hopefully, include the follow-up and 
> training of those clients/ communities
> so that they understand and can manage the systems introduced. This
> prevents system breakdown and abandonment.

I look at it this way:  empowering individuals/communities to
understand, design, implement and manage their desired systems is the
lead-in 'training' that also 'delivers' their desired, workable

If people have bought into their desired process fully from the start
and been thoroughly engaged in design and implementation, I suspect
their short and long term 'success' is more likely.

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