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>Do you have plans for the media to be used to
>evaluate the competencies? Plasticene modelling,
>oral-explanatory, written-explanatory,
>demonstrated, others? The answer to these
>question may help narrow the field a little.

The focus is on 'workplace' assessment - the ability to actually 
do/deliver the task/product in the real word as opposed to understanding 
the theory. 
If the competency is to make a plasticine model then yes. But making 
plasticine models is not a permaculture competency although it might have 
a place as a learning strategy.
The means of assessment will be detirmined by what the competency is.
One can make a plasticine model of a chicken and explain a chicken system 
beautifully but that doesn't mean they are competent with chickens. 
Taking the chicken as an example for a competency 'Design an integrated 
permaculture chicken system' the assessment would involve drawing and 
explaining a design for a chicken system 
If the competency is 'Design and implement an integrated permaculture 
chicken system' then as well as the design the assessment would involve 
an assessor observing and questioning the student as they do their daily 
chicken tasks about their management strategies, the design of the 
system, it's links with adjoining systems, the health and well being of 
the chickens etc.

It's all in how we actually word the competencies
Hope that helps

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