What is permaculture?

Graham Burnett gb0063551 at cableinet.co.uk
Sun Dec 23 13:25:46 EST 2001

> And don't get me started
> on "share the surplus:" My rich brother-in-law doesn't feel that $10 million
> leaves him much surplus. Permaculture seems to treat these words the same as
> art or porn: we know it when we see it. But we don't agree on what they are.

I liked your piece in (I think?) a recent issue of permaculture actvist on the
concept of fair shares/ sharing surplus where you reminded us of the need for
abundance thinking...

> I guess I'd define the mainstream as people who don't know where their water
> comes from, don't wince when they fill their car with gas, and who can
> stomach network television ("The Simpsons" excepted, of course).

And Star Trek???


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