What is permaculture?

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>Is it possible we have trouble describing Pc because of our
>assumptions and cultural conditioning?  Chomsky once remarked
>that we have language to describe things our culture understands.
>But ideas that do not fit very well are difficult to describe and
>often require adjustments to language and thinking.

.... require reflection, meditation and solutions borne out of
creative insight on our part, all methods that are mostly indefinable 

>These thoughts lead me to the conclusion that how we ask
>a questions is often more important than their answers.  
Goebbels seemed to like that approach

> Control the questions and you control thinking.  

Goebbels again, and Stalin too, probably Mao, Saddam Hussain
and Pol Pot as well

> Anyway, that is the
>reasoning behind my original comment.  A simplier way to
>say it might be:  One reason we have trouble describing
>Pc is due to the assumptions in thinking and questions.  

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