permaculture digest: December 22, 2001

Michelle Bourke michelle at
Sun Dec 23 09:36:22 EST 2001

> Subject: plant DB - funding
> John Schinnerer <eco_living at> wrote Sat, 22 Dec 2001:

> Anyone actually know of anyone, big biz or tiny niche biz, making any
> revenue worth mentioning with ads on their site?

The most succesful I've heard of is sites able to cover their hosting costs
(approx US$300/mth) from ad revenue - sorry I can't give specific examples.

However this is heavily dependent on the type of site & the kind of visitors
it attracts.
eg Sites that attract a high number of pubescent lads, do well with 'adult'
industry ads.
IMO, the kind of people who'd be visiting a permaculture resource site are
probably unlikely to be very susceptible to any type of advertising, thus
click through rates would probably not be high.


ps I think the idea of making the entries on the plant DB non-month and
non-hemisphere specific
is a jolly good one!


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