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> From: John Schinnerer <eco_living at>
> Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 23:32:09 -0800 (PST)
> Aloha,
> >.. so that data for seasons and planting guides will show the proper
> > month and season relevant to the user. We never know if the guide
> > that we are using is northern hemisphere or southern.
> How about making all this relative - leave out references to named
> months.  Same as with "sun side" instead of "north" or "south"
> respectively for S. or N. hemisphere.
> That is, fall, winter, spring, summer, need not be
> calendar-month-specific and "first hard frost" is not month-specific.
> "Prune late fall to midwinter" is not month-specific and neither is
> "plant after soil warms to X degrees."   This could actually be much
> more useful and accurate because all data would be given relative to
> seasons, events and conditions - leave out the calendar months.

Cool, maybe an easier way to do this might be

Fruiting Time:
Northern Hemisphere:	July
Southern Hemisphere:	January
Tropics:		Three grow period in a year

> From:     1earth permaculture <permaculture1 at>
> Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001 18:17:35 +1000
> > Also, many folk bypass the entry page by bookmarking pages...
> Rich writes >I think the problem here is search engines. They tend to
> pick up the individual database pages rather that the front page.
> Rich, I've included a robots.txt file in the root directory which
> directs the search engines away from the /pfaf folder - the direct
> hits are definitely coming from bookmarks and other websites links
> (the stats section of the ISP can trace them)

Probably best for an off-line discussion of this. It would be nice to
know what these sites are.

> If the DB is to be permaculture specific, perhaps a "ZONE" search
> criteria might be useful, revealing plants which are useful around the
> house, etc.

Great Idea. A central feature of a permaculture DB, a good easy
search field.
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