Water Ponding/Management

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Good day to all:)
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<< Frank, this sounds like the same problem as my farm --

low infiltration rate. >> Yes...this seems to be the case.

<<Managed intensive grazing is the best

method that I know for increasing this.>> Steve, that's exactly what I'm 
trying to do. I can see some improvements from grazing cattle already. I'm 
trying to find more ways to add organic matter to soils. A friend has grown 
soy beans as a fall cover crop down here and has stated that it has really 
helped turn his soil into more fertile land.

One of my problem is getting everything in sync. So far, due to a number of 
problems/decisions I've not been able to do things when they need to be done! 
Next year I hope to improve:)

<<If water converges into a single gully, you could divert

the water higher up.>> Yes...that is what I would like to do. But am not sure 
where, or how to divert that water. Overflow pipe seems to be a good solution 
to spill way.
Getting to site to build a pond ay pose problems. I know I'd not feel 
comfortable on those slopes:)

<<Typically a key line is identified as

the line where the land changes from convex to concave.

It is here that water tends to collect, therefore can be

diverted laterally by opening the soil with a key line plow

or subsoiler.>> Yes, that is what I thought but John S.'s explanation left me 
puzzled. The drains do tend to snake across the slope of the hills as they 
are. So what do I need to do to exploit, capitalize on such? 

<<I am intercepting water before it hits the steep slopes of

my forested land.>> Huh? Do you mean on the ridges? How does that prevent 
water from collecting at the drainage ways? I can understand if you catch it 
high up on the slope but am not sure where to best place ponds/dams. 

I've planted bald cypress too...in the boggy areas in the bottoms. My ridges 
are fairly dry; well drained. So such would not be advantageous there.

Great post. Look forward to some more discussion.

Holiday best wishes to all. Frank

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