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thanks Graham
         your copy will be in the mail on Monday, sorry for the delay, 
slowly trying to mail out copies during the christmas rush
          take a look at your article for the food section and thanks for 
the offer of artwork
                         love and car wes

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>would you be able to send me a copy of the Permaculture issue of 
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>Also would the article I've written at 
>on food and permaculture be suitable for the Food issue?
>Again you are welcome to use any of my artwork (credited if pos)
>Cheers, graham
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>>hi all
>>         This is a list of Permaculture Courses that where submitted to 
>> Hopedance Magazine (S California USA published 6 times a year ) for the 
>> Jan/Feb 2002 Issue www.hopedance.org
>>         . If you have any Permaculture Course Announcements  for the 
>> next issue on " Food " Hopedance Mar/Apr 2002, the deadline is Feb10 and 
>> sent to Wes Roe lakinroe at silcom.com to be included in the Permaculture 
>> Announcement Section.
>>                                         wes
>>January 5 Temenos Teaching Gardens in Los Osos CA :
>>First Saturday of every month, beginning in January.
>>Garden tour and Permaculture Fundamentals Class 10 am-12 noon
>>Topics include; Principles of Design, Reading the Landscape and Hands-on 
>>The fee for each class is [$10 plus 1 hour of labor] or [$20 worth of trade].
>>Contact Permaculture Teacher /Designer Larry Santoyo at 
>>santoyo at earthflow.com or call 1.800.469.5857
>>January 12 Temenos Teaching Gardens in Los Osos CA :
>>Second Saturday of every month, beginning January 12
>>Continuing and Advanced Permaculture Class 10 am-12 noon
>>The fee for each class is [$10 plus 1 hour of labor] or [$20 worth of trade].
>>Topics include; Patterning, Trees, Design and Construction,Grey Water 
>>System Design and Construction,Plant Propagation,
>>Food Forests, Plant and Seed Exchange, Subtropical Fruit for SLO, Herbal 
>>Preparations, Art in the Garden, Market Gardening
>>Contact Larry Santoyo at santoyo at earthflow.com or call 1.800.469.5857
>>Learn how to create the world you want to live in with Starhawk & Penny 
>>Cazadero, Western Sonoma County, California
>>A permaculture design course for visionary activists
>>Learn the skills to transform a piece of land, a community, and our 
>>political and economic systems. Discover the
>>tools we need to envision and design a just, free and sustainable culture 
>>are the same ones we need challenge the
>>vested interests that keep destructive systems in place.
>>Cost: We are actively fundraising to provide this on a pay-what-you-can 
>>basis to activists. Work trades, payment
>>plans and scholarships available. For those who can pay, we estimate the 
>>real cost of providing this program to be
>>$1200 per person if you can pay more, that will help subsidize someone 
>>who can't. Please don't let money keep
>>you away9we'll work it out!
>>To apply, or for more information, Capra J'neva at PO Box 832 Point Reyes 
>>Station, CA 94956 email eat at sonicinema.com or call 415-663-9583 
>>January 16-30, 2002. Permaculture Design Course Florida
>>Hosted by Students of New College in Sarasota,
>>Veteran permaculture designer and
>>teacher Dan Hemenway will be the principal instructor.
>>Students in the intensive program will produce and advanced draft of a
>>permaculture design for a residential site in the area. Class work,
>>including field work and extensive slides, will focus exclusively on
>>information and design approaches needed to promote this design process.
>>Enrollment is limited and a block of seats has been reserved for New College
>>students. Contact BarkingFrogsPC at aol.com
>>Saturday January 26, 2002.Permaculture Workshop Santa Barbara Ca
>>Permaculture Workshop in Santa Barbara by Larry Santoyo. Participants will
>>help create a Spiral Herb Garden, a key hardscape feature of 
>>permaculture, in
>>a medium size urban garden in Santa Barbara. 10 am to 4 pm, January 26, $75
>>includes lunch. Limit 12 persons. For workshop information call Betsy
>>Gallery at (805) 963-2878, bgallery at home.com. Larry´s web-site is
>>www.santoyo at earthflow.com.
>>February 1 - 21. 2002  21-Day Permaculture Design Certification Course 
>>Three week Permaculture Design Course at Laakea Permaculture Gardens The 
>>cost of this program, including housing, meals, field trips and all 
>>course materials is $1350.00. If you pay in full two and a half months 
>>before the course begins you receive a $100 discount. $500 deposit for course
>>Meals are vegetarian with organic produce where we can grow or procure 
>>it. We are usually able to accommodate special diets (vegan, wheat free). 
>>We do have limited space available in our bunkhouse, so ask about 
>>availability when you register.
>>E-mail: programs at permaculture-hawaii.com
>>La'akea Permaculture Gardens, P.O. Box 1178, Pahoa, HI 96778
>>Feb 9-22  2002 Two-Week residential certificate-granting Permaculture 
>>Design Intensive California
>>The base fee is $1200 and this includes all meals and lodging. There is a 
>>sliding scale fee starting at $1100 for those registering 30 days in 
>>advance. There is also a work/trade option where the person works 25 
>>hours during the course and receives an additional $250 discount. There 
>>are a limited number of work/trade positions and they are available by 
>>application only.
>>Registration requires only a $100 deposit.
>>Contact: OAEC 15290 Coleman Valley Road, Occidental, CA 95465; (707) 
>>874-1557 x.201; oaec at oaec.org ; website www.oaec.org/
>>March 10. - 15. 2002 The Secrets to Making Money and Making a Difference 
>>­ Hawaii
>>A Course on Holistic Financial Planning and Socially Responsible Investing
>>We can teach you how to make money and make a positive difference in the 
>>world. Come learn how to plan your finances and invest profitably in a 
>>way that reflects your values and builds a sustainable world. There is 
>>currently $2.2 trillion invested in a socially responsible manner! We can 
>>help you be a part of this exciting revolution. Learn how to choose good 
>>companies and avoid the bad. Invest to enhance the health of your 
>>community and support those in need. Opportunities abound for uniting 
>>profits and principles ­ this class will show you how! You can make money 
>>by helping restore the planet and by engaging with your community! You 
>>too can make sound financial decisions that are also socially and 
>>environmentally beneficial ­ if you attend this fun and informative class!
>>Facilitators: Christopher Peck & Michael Kramer. $500.
>>For info www.permaculture-hawaii.com/events.htm or call 808-965-0178
>>March 17. - 23. 2002How To Save the World By Teaching Permaculture ­ Hawaii
>>An Advanced Permaculture Teachers Training Course
>>This Permaculture Teacher s Course introduces a revolutionary new way of 
>>teaching permaculture ­ we apply the principles of permaculture to the 
>>teaching of permaculture. We will cover every aspect of being an exciting 
>>and effective educator.
>>The powerful teaching techniques you will learn in this course were 
>>gleaned from years of permaculture teaching wisdom from experienced 
>>permaculture teachers around the globe. In 1999, this knowledge was 
>>published by Permaculture Drylands Institute as
>>A Permaculture Curriculum, which provides detailed suggestions on how to 
>>organize and contextualize permaculture learning experiences that are 
>>more meaningful and interesting than lectures.
>>The prerequisite for this course is a certified Basic Permaculture Design 
>>Course. Course attendees will be eligible for Permaculture Teacher 
>>Facilitators: Christopher Peck & Michael Kramer. $700
>>For info www.permaculture-hawaii.com/events.htm or call 808-965-0178
>>June 1-15 2002 Permaculture Design Course Garberville Ca
>>With Penny Livingston-Stark,Brock Dolman, James Stark & Starhawk
>>Fee $950 includes camping accommodation and meals
>>Permaculture Institute of Northern California
>>P.O Box Pt. Reyes Ca 94956
>>(415)- 663-9090 pinc at svn.net www.permacultureinstitute.com
>>June 2001 Permaculture Teacher Training Course California
>>Heartwood Institute in Garberville California
>>Teachers Jude Hobbs and Tom Ward and others
>>Send for brochure at
>>Island Mountain Institute
>>220 Harmony Lane
>>Garberville, Ca 95542
>>Herb Pharm is proud to offer our HerbaCulture Work/Study Program on our 
>>certified organic herb farm nestled in the Siskiyou Mountains of southern 
>>Please contact Jen Ambrose for a personal interview and tour. The 
>>deadline for applications is Jan. 7th 2002. Please send requests for 
>>application forms to: Work/Study, Herb Pharm, PO Box 116, Williams, OR 
>>97544. Contact Jen with further questions at 541-846-9121, (fax) 
>>541-846-9259, or e-mail at WorkStudy at Herb-Pharm.com
>>11th to 25th January, 2002 Permaculture Design Course BILL MOLLISON 
>>Tasmania Australia
>>In 1978, there was nothing quite like Permaculture. Twenty-two years 
>>later Permaculture laps the globe, with over 4,000 projects across 120 
>>countries. Bill Mollison, founding Director of the Permaculture Institute 
>>will present this valuable course on his home turf, Tasmania. We eagerly 
>>invite those who wish to expand their horizons and experience Bill in 
>>action to bring your questions and your intellect down to Tasmania and 
>>take this course.
>>Bill continues to research sustainable system design. He is preparing two 
>>books devoted to this passion, and is in fine form for a course on his 
>>home turf. "I will try to paint landscapes in their mind throw pictures 
>>on the clouds of tomorrow s sky".
>>Student numbers are strictly limited.
>>For info and a Course Brochure contact:
>>tagariadmin at southcom.com.au
>>Tagari Publications - Permaculture Institute
>>31 Rulla Road
>>Sisters Creek Tasmania 7325
>>Australia Ph: 61 (0)3 6445 0945 Fax: 61 (0)3 6445 0944
>>Need an excuse to go someplace warm this winter? Here's a few
>>Two Permaculture Courses:
>>Host: Instituto Permacultura de Baja Mexico
>>This winter experience the beauty and warmth of the Todos Santos Oasis
>>and learn about Permaculture and Fibercrete Construction.
>>Course 2: January 12,13, and 14, 2002. Fibercrete Construction Practicum
>>English and Spanish. Cost: $275US.
>>Fibercrete guru Mike McCaine, Mike Collins formerly of Sonoma Permaculture
>>(Now joining the team at Instituto Permacultura de Baja) demonstrate
>>Fibercrete construction through the construction of a curvaceous guest
>>cabana at The Way of Nature.
>>Course 3: February 16,17, and 18, 2002. Introduction to Permaculture with 
>>Permaculture Planting
>>Practicum. English and Spanish. Cost: $275US
>>Learn permaculture basics and hands-on fun planting a tropical garden
>>using techniques practical to any climate. Team-taught by Wes Roe and 
>>Margie Bushman
>>South Coast Permaculture Guild and Santa Barbara Permaculture Network (CA.)
>>and the folks at Instituto Permacultura de Baja.
>>All courses take place at The Way of Nature pensione down in the oasis
>>gardens of Todos Santos, Rooms and camping available. 
>>Course Contact in Mexico c perkins <wayofnature at yahoo.com> in USA Santa 
>>Barbara Permaculture  Network 805-962-2571 sbpcnet at silcom.com
>>February 15th - March 8th, 2002 Permaculture Design Course in Costa Rica
>>Cost for 2 weeks is $1000 meals and lodging not airfare third week $700 
>>discounts for Registration. by Dec 20
>>Join us, where the rainforest meets the Caribbean,for a diverse, intensive,
>>and fun learning experience - combining the standard two weeks 
>>Permaculture curriculum with an optional one weektour of Costa Rica s 
>>homegrown sustainability practices. This course is part of the 
>>Permaculture Trail Project - the project will contribute to protecting 
>>the vital biological corridors of the primary
>>rain forest and rehabilitate deforested areas while working with locals 
>>to create sustainable local econony
>>Contact Douglas Bullock at (360) 376-6601 until November then 
>>1-888-SunEnergy until mid-January.
>>Or John Valenzuela at (808) 280-2808 http://www.permacultureportal.com
>>Mail registration and deposit to:
>>Costa Rican Adventures
>>3911 Harrison Street
>>Oakland, CA 94611
>>February 16 to 1st march 2002  Permaculture Design Course Argentina
>>  March 8-13 2002 Permaculture Advanced course on Ecovillage Design Argentina
>>  Peter Bane (US) & Gustavo Ramirez (Argentina)
>>The courses will be held at Gaia Ecovillage Project, in Navarro 110km. 
>>southwest of Buenos
>>Aires on the Argentine pampa. Built as a milk-processing plant 50 years 
>>ago, Gaia has been extensively rehabilitated as a Living and Learning 
>>Center, with sleeping facilities, classrooms, library, community kitchen, 
>>greenhouse, etc. Power at Gaia is generated by wind turbines, and good 
>>examples of reforestation, forest garden, natural building, appropriate 
>>technology, waste water treatment, composting toilets, solar showers, 
>>solar ovens and several sustainable systems in different stage of 
>>development may be seen at the site.
>>And all of this in the context of a small pioneer community in evolving 
>>Gaia hosts the regional office of the Ecovillage Network of the Americas, 
>>and the Argentinean Permaculture Institute (IAP), as a space for 
>>experimenting, implementing and teaching Permaculture systems. They offer 
>>courses in Permaculture, Sacred Dances, Aromatherapy, Community living 
>>and more. It offers an updated library covering a wide range of topics 
>>based on sustainability, as well as interesting videos. Last year IAP 
>>organized the 1st Latin American Permaculture Congress with great success.
>>Courses Fees & Registration
>>  Due to limited spaces, they need to send a deposit of 50% of the fees 
>> to confirm. There is a discount for those who attend both courses. 
>> Donations are welcome to subside others participants from Latin America 
>> that ask for financial support.
>>The total cost includes tuition, notes, lodging and meals
>>Permaculture Design Course: US$750
>>Advance course on Ecovillage Design: US$450 - Participants should have 
>>basic Permaculture knowledge as a pre-requisite to the Ecovillage Design 
>>Advance course.
>>Contact Asociacion GAIA - http://www.gaia.org.ar - Email: 
>>gaia at gaia.org.ar Postal address: Almafuerte 1732 - San Martin (1650) 
>>Buenos Aires - Argentina Phone: (+54-2272) 492072 - Fax: (+54-11) 47522197
>>Upcoming Courses and Workshops at Crystal Waters Permaculture Ecovillage 
>>2002 in Australia
>>Permaculture Design Courses 2002 April 6-20 and Sept. 14-28
>>Sustainable Futures
>>Morag Gamble and Evan Raymond
>>50 Crystal Waters MS 16 Maleny QLD 4552 AUSTRALIA
>>ph/fax: +61 0(7) 5494 4833
>>courses at permaculture.au.com
>>Year Long Permaculture Course/Training offered in New Zealand staring in 
>>Feb 2002
>>Practical Skills for Bioregional Sustainability
>>Aim: To offer professional regional scale training in organic 
>>agriculture, permaculture design and sustainable land-use management, to 
>>highly motivated students, with the intention that they use their 
>>acknowledge and skills to work towards the creation of a heathy, balanced 
>>ecosystems and the flourishing of a wholistic and prosperous culture
>>Course will utilize the entire bioregion of Golden Bay as a "learning 
>>center' with tutors being local. experienced, successful practitioners 
>>who are actually 'doing it on places that 'show it'
>>Organized by Te Wharerangi Trust and Earthcare Education Aotearoa Trust
>>For info
>>PLANET Organic
>>PO Box 130, Takaka, New Zealand
>>phone: +64-3-5258488
>>e-mail: planetorganic at excite.com
>>website http://earthcare.nelson.org.nz
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