Hopedance Magazine Issue Jan/Feb 2002 List of Permaculture Courses

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Hi Wes-
would you be able to send me a copy of the Permaculture issue of Hopedance, thanks!

Also would the article I've written at http://pages.unisonfree.net/gburnett/raven/Ravenpc.htm on food and permaculture be suitable for the Food issue?

Again you are welcome to use any of my artwork (credited if pos)

Cheers, graham
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  hi all
          This is a list of Permaculture Courses that where submitted to Hopedance Magazine (S California USA published 6 times a year ) for the Jan/Feb 2002 Issue www.hopedance.org
          . If you have any Permaculture Course Announcements  for the next issue on " Food " Hopedance Mar/Apr 2002, the deadline is Feb10 and sent to Wes Roe lakinroe at silcom.com to be included in the Permaculture Announcement Section. 

  January 5 Temenos Teaching Gardens in Los Osos CA :
  First Saturday of every month, beginning in January. 
  Garden tour and Permaculture Fundamentals Class 10 am-12 noon
  Topics include; Principles of Design, Reading the Landscape and Hands-on Gardening.:
  The fee for each class is [$10 plus 1 hour of labor] or [$20 worth of trade].
  Contact Permaculture Teacher /Designer Larry Santoyo at santoyo at earthflow.com or call 1.800.469.5857

  January 12 Temenos Teaching Gardens in Los Osos CA :
  Second Saturday of every month, beginning January 12
  Continuing and Advanced Permaculture Class 10 am-12 noon
  The fee for each class is [$10 plus 1 hour of labor] or [$20 worth of trade].
  Topics include; Patterning, Trees, Design and Construction,Grey Water System Design and Construction,Plant Propagation, 
  Food Forests, Plant and Seed Exchange, Subtropical Fruit for SLO, Herbal Preparations, Art in the Garden, Market Gardening
  Contact Larry Santoyo at santoyo at earthflow.com or call 1.800.469.5857

  Learn how to create the world you want to live in with Starhawk & Penny Livingston-Stark 
  Cazadero, Western Sonoma County, California
  A permaculture design course for visionary activists
  Learn the skills to transform a piece of land, a community, and our political and economic systems. Discover the 
  tools we need to envision and design a just, free and sustainable culture are the same ones we need challenge the 
  vested interests that keep destructive systems in place.

  Cost: We are actively fundraising to provide this on a pay-what-you-can basis to activists. Work trades, payment 
  plans and scholarships available. For those who can pay, we estimate the real cost of providing this program to be 
  $1200 per person if you can pay more, that will help subsidize someone who can't. Please don't let money keep 
  you away<we'll work it out!
  To apply, or for more information, Capra J'neva at PO Box 832 Point Reyes Station, CA 94956 email eat at sonicinema.com or call 415-663-9583 www.permacultureinstitute.com

  January 16-30, 2002. Permaculture Design Course Florida
  Hosted by Students of New College in Sarasota,
  Veteran permaculture designer and 
  teacher Dan Hemenway will be the principal instructor. 
  Students in the intensive program will produce and advanced draft of a 
  permaculture design for a residential site in the area. Class work, 
  including field work and extensive slides, will focus exclusively on 
  information and design approaches needed to promote this design process. 
  Enrollment is limited and a block of seats has been reserved for New College 
  students. Contact BarkingFrogsPC at aol.com 

  Saturday January 26, 2002.Permaculture Workshop Santa Barbara Ca
  Permaculture Workshop in Santa Barbara by Larry Santoyo. Participants will 
  help create a Spiral Herb Garden, a key hardscape feature of permaculture, in 
  a medium size urban garden in Santa Barbara. 10 am to 4 pm, January 26, $75 
  includes lunch. Limit 12 persons. For workshop information call Betsy 
  Gallery at (805) 963-2878, bgallery at home.com. Larry´s web-site is 
  www.santoyo at earthflow.com. 

  February 1 - 21. 2002  21-Day Permaculture Design Certification Course Hawaii 
  Three week Permaculture Design Course at Laakea Permaculture Gardens The cost of this program, including housing, meals, field trips and all course materials is $1350.00. If you pay in full two and a half months before the course begins you receive a $100 discount. $500 deposit for course
  Meals are vegetarian with organic produce where we can grow or procure it. We are usually able to accommodate special diets (vegan, wheat free). We do have limited space available in our bunkhouse, so ask about availability when you register.
  E-mail: programs at permaculture-hawaii.com 
  La'akea Permaculture Gardens, P.O. Box 1178, Pahoa, HI 96778

  Feb 9-22  2002 Two-Week residential certificate-granting Permaculture Design Intensive California
  The base fee is $1200 and this includes all meals and lodging. There is a sliding scale fee starting at $1100 for those registering 30 days in advance. There is also a work/trade option where the person works 25 hours during the course and receives an additional $250 discount. There are a limited number of work/trade positions and they are available by application only.
  Registration requires only a $100 deposit.
  Contact: OAEC 15290 Coleman Valley Road, Occidental, CA 95465; (707) 874-1557 x.201; oaec at oaec.org ; website www.oaec.org/

  March 10. - 15. 2002 The Secrets to Making Money and Making a Difference ­ Hawaii
  A Course on Holistic Financial Planning and Socially Responsible Investing 
  We can teach you how to make money and make a positive difference in the world. Come learn how to plan your finances and invest profitably in a way that reflects your values and builds a sustainable world. There is currently $2.2 trillion invested in a socially responsible manner! We can help you be a part of this exciting revolution. Learn how to choose good companies and avoid the bad. Invest to enhance the health of your community and support those in need. Opportunities abound for uniting profits and principles ­ this class will show you how! You can make money by helping restore the planet and by engaging with your community! You too can make sound financial decisions that are also socially and environmentally beneficial ­ if you attend this fun and informative class! 
  Facilitators: Christopher Peck & Michael Kramer. $500. 
  For info www.permaculture-hawaii.com/events.htm or call 808-965-0178 

  March 17. - 23. 2002How To Save the World By Teaching Permaculture ­ Hawaii
  An Advanced Permaculture Teachers' Training Course 
  This Permaculture Teacher's Course introduces a revolutionary new way of teaching permaculture ­ we apply the principles of permaculture to the teaching of permaculture. We will cover every aspect of being an exciting and effective educator. 
  The powerful teaching techniques you will learn in this course were gleaned from years of permaculture teaching wisdom from experienced permaculture teachers around the globe. In 1999, this knowledge was published by Permaculture Drylands Institute as 
  A Permaculture Curriculum, which provides detailed suggestions on how to organize and contextualize permaculture learning experiences that are more meaningful and interesting than lectures. 
  The prerequisite for this course is a certified Basic Permaculture Design Course. Course attendees will be eligible for Permaculture Teacher Certification. 
  Facilitators: Christopher Peck & Michael Kramer. $700 
  For info www.permaculture-hawaii.com/events.htm or call 808-965-0178 

  June 1-15 2002 Permaculture Design Course Garberville Ca
  With Penny Livingston-Stark,Brock Dolman, James Stark & Starhawk
  Fee $950 includes camping accommodation and meals
  Permaculture Institute of Northern California 
  P.O Box Pt. Reyes Ca 94956
  (415)- 663-9090 pinc at svn.net www.permacultureinstitute.com

  June 2001 Permaculture Teacher Training Course California
  Heartwood Institute in Garberville California
  Teachers Jude Hobbs and Tom Ward and others
  Send for brochure at 
  Island Mountain Institute
  220 Harmony Lane
  Garberville, Ca 95542

  Herb Pharm is proud to offer our HerbaCulture Work/Study Program on our certified organic herb farm nestled in the Siskiyou Mountains of southern Oregon. 
  Please contact Jen Ambrose for a personal interview and tour. The deadline for applications is Jan. 7th 2002. Please send requests for application forms to: Work/Study, Herb Pharm, PO Box 116, Williams, OR 97544. Contact Jen with further questions at 541-846-9121, (fax) 541-846-9259, or e-mail at WorkStudy at Herb-Pharm.com 


  11th to 25th January, 2002 Permaculture Design Course BILL MOLLISON Tasmania Australia
  In 1978, there was nothing quite like Permaculture. Twenty-two years later Permaculture laps the globe, with over 4,000 projects across 120 countries. Bill Mollison, founding Director of the Permaculture Institute will present this valuable course on his home turf, Tasmania. We eagerly invite those who wish to expand their horizons and experience Bill in action to bring your questions and your intellect down to Tasmania and take this course.
  Bill continues to research sustainable system design. He is preparing two books devoted to this passion, and is in fine form for a course on his home turf. "I will try to paint landscapes in their mind throw pictures on the clouds of tomorrow s sky". 
  Student numbers are strictly limited.
  For info and a Course Brochure contact:

  tagariadmin at southcom.com.au
  Tagari Publications - Permaculture Institute
  31 Rulla Road
  Sisters Creek Tasmania 7325
  Australia Ph: 61 (0)3 6445 0945 Fax: 61 (0)3 6445 0944

  Need an excuse to go someplace warm this winter? Here's a few 
  Two Permaculture Courses:
  Host: Instituto Permacultura de Baja Mexico
  This winter experience the beauty and warmth of the Todos Santos Oasis 
  and learn about Permaculture and Fibercrete Construction.

  Course 2: January 12,13, and 14, 2002. Fibercrete Construction Practicum
  English and Spanish. Cost: $275US. 
  Fibercrete guru Mike McCaine, Mike Collins formerly of Sonoma Permaculture 
  (Now joining the team at Instituto Permacultura de Baja) demonstrate 
  Fibercrete construction through the construction of a curvaceous guest 
  cabana at The Way of Nature. 

  Course 3: February 16,17, and 18, 2002. Introduction to Permaculture with Permaculture Planting 
  Practicum. English and Spanish. Cost: $275US
  Learn permaculture basics and hands-on fun planting a tropical garden 
  using techniques practical to any climate. Team-taught by Wes Roe and Margie Bushman 
  South Coast Permaculture Guild and Santa Barbara Permaculture Network (CA.) 
  and the folks at Instituto Permacultura de Baja. 

  All courses take place at The Way of Nature pensione down in the oasis 
  gardens of Todos Santos, Rooms and camping available. http://thewayofnature.com/ 
  Course Contact in Mexico c perkins <wayofnature at yahoo.com> in USA Santa Barbara Permaculture  Network 805-962-2571 sbpcnet at silcom.com

  February 15th - March 8th, 2002 Permaculture Design Course in Costa Rica
  Cost for 2 weeks is $1000 meals and lodging not airfare third week $700 discounts for Registration. by Dec 20
  Join us, where the rainforest meets the Caribbean,for a diverse, intensive,
  and fun learning experience - combining the standard two weeks Permaculture curriculum with an optional one weektour of Costa Rica's homegrown sustainability practices. This course is part of the Gandoca-Manzanillo
  Permaculture Trail Project - the project will contribute to protecting the vital biological corridors of the primary
  rain forest and rehabilitate deforested areas while working with locals to create sustainable local econony 
  Contact Douglas Bullock at (360) 376-6601 until November then 1-888-SunEnergy until mid-January.
  Or John Valenzuela at (808) 280-2808 http://www.permacultureportal.com
  Mail registration and deposit to:
  Costa Rican Adventures
  3911 Harrison Street
  Oakland, CA 94611

  February 16 to 1st march 2002  Permaculture Design Course Argentina
   March 8-13 2002 Permaculture Advanced course on Ecovillage Design Argentina
   Peter Bane (US) & Gustavo Ramirez (Argentina) 
  The courses will be held at Gaia Ecovillage Project, in Navarro 110km. southwest of Buenos 
  Aires on the Argentine pampa. Built as a milk-processing plant 50 years ago, Gaia has been extensively rehabilitated as a Living and Learning Center, with sleeping facilities, classrooms, library, community kitchen, greenhouse, etc. Power at Gaia is generated by wind turbines, and good examples of reforestation, forest garden, natural building, appropriate technology, waste water treatment, composting toilets, solar showers, solar ovens and several sustainable systems in different stage of development may be seen at the site. 
  And all of this in the context of a small pioneer community in evolving process. 
  Gaia hosts the regional office of the Ecovillage Network of the Americas, and the Argentinean Permaculture Institute (IAP), as a space for experimenting, implementing and teaching Permaculture systems. They offer courses in Permaculture, Sacred Dances, Aromatherapy, Community living and more. It offers an updated library covering a wide range of topics based on sustainability, as well as interesting videos. Last year IAP organized the 1st Latin American Permaculture Congress with great success. 

  Courses Fees & Registration 
   Due to limited spaces, they need to send a deposit of 50% of the fees to confirm. There is a discount for those who attend both courses. Donations are welcome to subside others participants from Latin America that ask for financial support. 
  The total cost includes tuition, notes, lodging and meals 
  Permaculture Design Course: US$750 
  Advance course on Ecovillage Design: US$450 - Participants should have basic Permaculture knowledge as a pre-requisite to the Ecovillage Design Advance course. 
  Contact Asociacion GAIA - http://www.gaia.org.ar - Email: gaia at gaia.org.ar Postal address: Almafuerte 1732 - San Martin - (1650) Buenos Aires - Argentina Phone: (+54-2272) 492072 - Fax: (+54-11) 47522197 

  Upcoming Courses and Workshops at Crystal Waters Permaculture Ecovillage 2002 in Australia
  Permaculture Design Courses 2002 April 6-20 and Sept. 14-28
  Sustainable Futures
  Morag Gamble and Evan Raymond
  50 Crystal Waters MS 16 Maleny QLD 4552 AUSTRALIA
  ph/fax: +61 0(7) 5494 4833
  courses at permaculture.au.com 

  Year Long Permaculture Course/Training offered in New Zealand staring in Feb 2002
  Practical Skills for Bioregional Sustainability
  Aim: To offer professional regional scale training in organic agriculture, permaculture design and sustainable land-use management, to highly motivated students, with the intention that they use their acknowledge and skills to work towards the creation of a heathy, balanced ecosystems and the flourishing of a wholistic and prosperous culture
  Course will utilize the entire bioregion of Golden Bay as a "learning center' with tutors being local. experienced, successful practitioners who are actually 'doing it on places that 'show it'
  Organized by Te Wharerangi Trust and Earthcare Education Aotearoa Trust
  For info
  PLANET Organic 
  PO Box 130, Takaka, New Zealand 
  phone: +64-3-5258488 
  e-mail: planetorganic at excite.com 
  website http://earthcare.nelson.org.nz

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