What is permaculture?

georg parlow georg at websuxxess.com
Sat Dec 22 06:39:53 EST 2001

hi sean, toby et al:

> as an exercise, I challenge you to reformulate
> ....
> valuable. Are you into it?

sure sounds like fun, count me in.

> > so how can we ever say that something lies
> > outside permaculture?
> If in fact nothing lies outside the domain of
> permaculture, it would have as little use as the

imho no _field of life_ lies outside of permaculture, but lots of ways to go
about any aspect of any field sure do lie outside of pc. so i guess we could
call it a "way of life" - making it easy for outsiders to perceive it as a
cult ;o)

> ethnology for pattern recognition. But mostly, pc
> thumbs its nose at academentia and goes off,
> shirt-tails flapping, to muck the pigs.

i thought pc sets up the pigs in a way so they muck themselves....

> The four ethical precepts of pc?

four? why four? did i miss one?

> cf. Earth First!, ALF, Deep Ecology, etc.

not knowing what Earth First! and ALF is, i assume that Deep Ecology with
capital letters is something different than deep ecology. i find myself
often teaching from a deep ecological point of view, and it sure works
wonders with the few who are able to grasp what i am talking about - gives
them connection, belonging, meaning, and takes away their individual
importance. what is psychotic about it?


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