Interactive Projects/information/guilds database --+-- Idea for -- getting the DB effort off the ground quickly

georg parlow georg at
Sat Dec 22 05:30:41 EST 2001

> No problem at all, I'll set it up exactly as as you've described.

what a relief, i am glad and grateful for this. thanks, mate!

> No problem at all setting this up. What name do you want to use?
> pc-austria@ OK? or pcaustria@? or pc+ag-austria@?

(permaculture is PermaKultur in german, and ackerbau means something like
'field-farming' (even tho the dictionary translates it as 'agriculture' or

> I can configure it to be by invitation only with you as owner.

perfect. i suppose you can point me to some instructional files, so i know
how i have to do this inviting for it to work.

> Those webforums/email lists are really slow; lots of ads &
> jackinthebox javascripts.

yea, pain in the ass. so thanks again for this christmas present - i am
looking forward to those guys sharing and synthesizing - very promising. and
i certainly will give occasional summary reports to this list as well as to
the wider austrian pc community.


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