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Sat Dec 22 02:32:09 EST 2001


>.. so that data for seasons and planting guides will show the proper
> month and season relevant to the user. We never know if the guide
> that we are using is northern hemisphere or southern. 

How about making all this relative - leave out references to named
months.  Same as with "sun side" instead of "north" or "south"
respectively for S. or N. hemisphere.

That is, fall, winter, spring, summer, need not be
calendar-month-specific and "first hard frost" is not month-specific. 
"Prune late fall to midwinter" is not month-specific and neither is
"plant after soil warms to X degrees."   This could actually be much
more useful and accurate because all data would be given relative to
seasons, events and conditions - leave out the calendar months.

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