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>Yep, a big problem with online content providers - making it pay.
>No one has really sussed this yet. Advertising, subscriptions,
>click to donate systems all have problems. I dream of working 
>micro-payment system. Perhaps the best is to use the online content
>as a giant advert for offline content, we do all right with people
>asking for the access version of the database.
>Having friendly ISP's like ibiblio is a real boon.

Richard: Why don't you move your PFAF list(s) to ibiblio and use their
Mailman server - Fred will create as many lists as you need - 
very easy interface for the list owner and users don't have to deal
with the slow-loading ads, popup Javascripts, etc. on the Yahoo &
other servers. Mailman offers _much_ more that will be valuable to
PFAF, plus they back everything up professionally and don't expire
articles (unless you wish that). 

Ways to make money with one's website:
Run ads & promo's for businesses in the UK, perhaps elsewhere -
make sure the ads load quickly and are tasteful (consider ascii text
documents as ads linked to in other locations in your website). The
quicker they load, the quicker users can get to the resources they are
after, the more ads they will see, the more times they will visit your
pages, the more traffic your counter will log, statistics of interest
to paying businesses running ads. 

Build communities of users with your list forum(s). This will help
spread the word and will help in a big way to generate traffic
for the website.

Create other information resources to attract users, info they
can use in a variety of ways in their lives, on their homesteads.
Archives of documents, discussion forum threads, archived, on special
topics; homebrew FAQs on various topics; collections of links to all
sorts of resources; all things to offer to complement the PFAF

Hasn't PFAF beeen published in book form? If so where can I buy a


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