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Fri Dec 21 17:43:51 EST 2001

On Fri, 21 Dec 2001 23:06:12 +0100, "georg parlow"
<georg at> wrote:

>hi lawrence:
>> and another one created at the request of George Parlow;
>> a multilingual forum for European permaculturists:
>> pc-europe@
>glad to hear that the list is close to being able to be used.
>however, i am afraid we had a misunderstanding here. i need a list for
>german speaking broadacre farmers with a strong slant towards permaculture
>in their field culture. most of them (all of those i know so far, and in the
>next printed pc austria newsletter there will be an invitation) have next to

Ah so. I had the list created on the fly while talking with Fred, an
ibiblio sysadmin, today and just guessed at a name for it..

No problem at all setting this up. What name do you want to use?
pc-austria@ OK? or pcaustria@? or pc+ag-austria@? 

I can configure it to be by invitation only with you as owner.

>no education on pc, havent read fukuoka or mollison, but are real farmers in
>the old sense of being work-wise, make a living by growing field crops for
>consumers, and all those i know so far have inhereted their farm from their
>parents. they have on their own started experiments that are close to 
>fukuoka or stuff mollison talks about. i need a list for broadacre
>practitioners only, no book-permies. these guys work long hours on their
>tractors, and for now i want a very specialized, closed list that is not
>free to everyone who wants to join.
>if such a peer group is too narrow or for other reasons not possible on
>ibiblio, i would regret it but please let me know. i was hoping i could

No problem at all, I'll set it up exactly as as you've described.

>avoid a private yahoo-group or some such, for the signup process is fairly

Those webforums/email lists are really slow; lots of ads &
jackinthebox javascripts.

>complicated (even i had difficulties), and some of the farmers are almost
>computer illiterate. but i will rather do this than having an open
>multilingual pc forum and 9 out of 10 of these farmers not participating.

Done. I'll announce when it is ready hopefully real soon.

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