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georg parlow georg at
Fri Dec 21 17:06:12 EST 2001

hi lawrence:

> and another one created at the request of George Parlow;
> a multilingual forum for European permaculturists:
> pc-europe@

glad to hear that the list is close to being able to be used.

however, i am afraid we had a misunderstanding here. i need a list for
german speaking broadacre farmers with a strong slant towards permaculture
in their field culture. most of them (all of those i know so far, and in the
next printed pc austria newsletter there will be an invitation) have next to
no education on pc, havent read fukuoka or mollison, but are real farmers in
the old sense of being work-wise, make a living by growing field crops for
consumers, and all those i know so far have inhereted their farm from their
parents. they have on their own started experiments that are close to
fukuoka or stuff mollison talks about. i need a list for broadacre
practitioners only, no book-permies. these guys work long hours on their
tractors, and for now i want a very specialized, closed list that is not
free to everyone who wants to join.

if such a peer group is too narrow or for other reasons not possible on
ibiblio, i would regret it but please let me know. i was hoping i could
avoid a private yahoo-group or some such, for the signup process is fairly
complicated (even i had difficulties), and some of the farmers are almost
computer illiterate. but i will rather do this than having an open
multilingual pc forum and 9 out of 10 of these farmers not participating.


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