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>>& what was decided about a separate list?
>We need a DB oriented toward North America and those in Europe need
>their own. I plan to contribute to the North American DB effort. I
>think we need to program our own DB's on our respective servers, using
>whatever DB platform we choose (PHP/MySQL for me), and link them all
>together with a common front end of some sort; then link all this to
>PFAF and other external DB's. Seems this is all possible.
>I plan to form two more lists to accompany this one:
>1) DB data acquisition, archiving, retreival exclusively
>2) DB techncal development discussion, software issues,   
>    decision-making, question and answer

The new lists have been created and will have to be configured before
we will ba able to use them; I'll announce here when they are ready.
They are:

pcplantdb@ general
pcplantdb-tech@ technical
pcplantdb-data@ plant information

and another one created at the request of George Parlow;
a multilingual forum for European permaculturists:

I'd be happy to create more lists for groups in other regions of the
world, i.e. pc-asia, pc-middleeast, pc-australia, pc-uk, pc-japan,
pc-russia. Permaculture in North and South America are covered by this


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