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>I just found this note from a few days ago.  I am really interested in getting
>something mocked up in the very least because I think we will have an intern or 2 by
>the end of march & it is a good time for them to do data entry before the season kicks
>in..  (this is wisconsin)  ..
>& one thing Ive been wondering about, is would it be possible for us in the end to
>design more of a master database strategy that can access any of these other databases
>such as pfaf or the ethnobotany database & import info from them as the result of a

It would absolutely be possible to do this. One of the best strategies
for implementing this is throught the use of SSI, server side includes
in one's html pages.

>& what was decided about a separate list?

We need a DB oriented toward North America and those in Europe need
their own. I plan to contribute to the North American DB effort. I
think we need to program our own DB's on our respective servers, using
whatever DB platform we choose (PHP/MySQL for me), and link them all
together with a common front end of some sort; then link all this to
PFAF and other external DB's. Seems this is all possible.

I plan to form two more lists to accompany this one:
1) DB data acquisition, archiving, retreival exclusively
2) DB techncal development discussion, software issues,   
    decision-making, question and answer

I want to use our new list software, Mailman, to do these 2 new lists,
rather than Lyris, our current platform which will be abandoned in the
future. I will try to get this done as soon as possible - am busy
putting up a large barn/storage/toolshed building until early January
- maybe I'll find time between now and then but will absolutely have
this done by 2nd week in January. After I fine tune the lists'
functionality I will move everyone on this list to the new software.

Those wanting to help with the PFAF DB have a separate list for that
and we will have our own two (more if necessary) for ours. I feel that
all aspects of ours should be free to the public (open source, if you 
like that label); this would include data, DB software code, all
scripts and html code. At any rate, everything _I_do will be free.
Of course, any of use can get grants and donations to help us get the
work done.


>seems to be one of the shortcomings of list communities that it is easy to have ideas
>& toss them around...  another matter to know how to act.
>"Lawrence F. London, Jr." wrote:
>> Why don't you invite him to join this list and participate in the
>> development of the PC plants database. He will have
>> the opportunity to keep up with what's going on as well as being
>> directly involved with the project as well as the various invividual
>> efforts, Mielak's, John's, mine, his, i.o.w. whatever form it takes
>> and where it is deployed.
>> Go here to join:
>> I have a new idea to help get the DB off the ground in a hurry:
>> while the DB platform is being decided on, developed
>> and put online for use we can still start collecting  and categorizing
>> data in an easy-to-use interactive online resource:
>> a public, no-subscription-required, web & email forum
>> where all input is archived in a 4-way sortable, indexed, downloadable
>> archive that can be accessed by the big Web search engines, for
>> enhanced access & search/retreival. Everyone can use the data acquired
>> for our collaborative DB or their own. I can do this with Mailman, the
>> new list software this PC list will migrate to (RSN) when I have time
>> to make the conversion. I could call it:
>> pcplantdb
>> email posting id for input would be pcplantdb@<whatever the server
>> name is>.
>> website would be (not online yet)
>> Does this suit John, Miekal and anyone else wanting to be involved?
>> The advantage to this quickstart method is that it will be very easy
>> to use (submit input either through the Web interface [a form or
>> direct email] or by private email) and all information submitted will
>> be readily available to the public.
>> A password-protected version of this can be created also.

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