Returning the focus of this list to permaculture

S.K. Harrison skh23ca at
Thu Dec 20 18:28:13 EST 2001

I'm sorry I could not post sooner, I've not had
internet access for the past few days.

Regarding comments made by Steve, Loren and Larry
on December 14th, I want to acknowledge my deep
regret over this angry reponse to some of my
posts. I will be modifying my future posts in a
couple of ways:

1) When necessary, articulate an explicit
relation between the philosophy of permanent
*culture* and the practice of permanent
*agriculture*. If none exists, find a different
forum for the idea.

2) Limit the length of posts wherever possible.

3) In reply to others, avoid humour that might be
interpreted as a personal attack.

The results of these proposals remain to be seen.
If you have any future complaints about my
conversational habits, please do not post them to
the list unless relevant to other listmembers. My
email address is skh23ca at

Finally, I want to have a go at David Lowther's

> maybe a discussion of what we hope to get from
> this list (positives) would help to put things
> back on track (if they are off)?

Here's my eight pence:

1) As one who works and plays with different
styles of nonordinary living, dreaming and dying,
I'm interested in hearing about others' pertinent
multidimensional experiences, whether happy, sad,
frustrating, ecstatic or otherwise.

2) A responsive forum for occasional queries
about my own little backyard permaculture, or
about kitchen crafts, permaculture literature,

3) Discussions on alternative models of
governance and economy suited to a permaculture

4) And, of course, I hope to examine the
assumptions and social environments of pc, as
demonstrated in the ongoing posts of John and

I welcome precise, constructive suggestions about
anything I have said here. As before, however, if
you have doubts about its relevance to other
listmembers, please contact me offlist.

skh23ca at

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