Living Machines

Mark Krawczyk markkrawczyk at
Thu Dec 20 17:07:48 EST 2001

Dear Steve,
I have limited experience in living machines of the John Todd variety.  I 
maintained a living machine that was set up for aquaculture in Burlington, 
Vermont for about a year.
Though the intent was different, the concepts are more or less the same.  
For these contained systems to work, at least as I see it, the most 
important component is to develop a stable flow through tanks that each have 
somewhat 'specialized' functions.  Aeration and surface area are also of 
great importance.  The engineering of such a system is not difficult, as you 
can more or less design them to fit your own needs.  I know that my response 
has been quite vague and this is primarily because I do not have much 
experience in the design/implementation of these systems for wastewater 
treatment.  Despite this, Ocean Arks is located in Burlington, and I have a 
good friend who has quite a bit of experience who could probably help to at 
least get you started.  His name is Brad Melzer and his e-mail is 
JokerBard at - just let him know that I referred you to him.

I hope that this may be of some help to you.  Good luck!


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