living machines

Rex Teague DibbleGardens at
Thu Dec 20 09:53:52 EST 2001

On 19 Dec 01, Steve Bonney wrote:

> Thanks for the additional info. I am going to build one on my farm.
> I have the John Todd info on living machines, but experiential
> knowledge (which I highly value) is not readily accessible, since
> living machines are rare here. 

My reading is that the initial living machine enthusiasm has waned 
through its complexity. Isn't the original in moth balls?

> Cleaning the grease trap was the very worst job anyone could be
> assigned while on KP in the army. When I owned a restaurant, we
> avoided a grease trap by not having a deep fryer. Which brings me
> to the question. Are you able to intercept or emilinate the grease
> before it reaches the septic system? This would be a much more
> palatable task and the grease could then be composted. 

My plans are three stage:
1. All effluent drains to a 'biolytic' filter ie
2. Thence through a simple horizontal reed bed.
3. Probably unnecessary, the reed bed runoff will go onto a bio-mass 

What I haven't found is any feedback on the Dowmus system. Can 
Robyn or our other Aussie cousins report on their success?

Thanks... Rex

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