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Hi michelle
we have set up a local group, and hope to soon publish a book outlining all
local pc groups and what they do and how to get involved. also run the 72
hour course (OCN accredited), and building the first earthship in the UK to
go through the local planning procedure. More details:

Currently working to get funding so that volunteers can get their expenses
paid, thus more able to participate, and offer project development advice
and a permaculture reference library

love Tammi, Brighton Permaculture Trust

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Hello All,

I'm based in London, UK & joined this list a few days ago as the UK PC list
seems to have disappeared. I am living (for the moment)in a basement flat
with no garden, but being originally from a different climate (Sydney, Aust)
I want to build up some knowledge of local conditions, practices and PC
networks here in the UK (particularly in high-density urban areas) before I
move to a place with a little garden.

I am interested in hearing an answer to Andrew's question about coffee

I would also love to see some further discussion around what other people
are working with (material, social or otherwise).

Perhaps the other UK people here could point me at a currently available
list that is more UK and/or practical work-focused.

Best regards,


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> > Hi Sean & all
> > when I resubscribed to this list last week, i did expect to see some
> > permaculture style content. The philosphical content very
> I
> > missing something here?
> > Anyone from the UK here?
> >
> > Tam, Brighton
> >
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> > Speaking of which: How effective are coffee grounds as a
> nitrogen-enhancing fertilizer?
> >
> > Andrew Ragland
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> >
> >
> > When I joined this list several weeks ago, I
> > described the land I'll be working at my new
> > rental house. I'd love to hear what everyone else
> > is working with, whether material, social or
> > otherwise. For example, acreage/square-footage,
> > principal difficulties encountered, number of
> > days/months/years working that piece of land,
> > species populations, strengths of local human
> > communities, ad infinitum.
> >
> > Sean
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