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Wed Dec 19 04:40:11 EST 2001


--- Claude  Genest <genest at> wrote:
> Could you tell me more about this degree you took ? Where ? What ?

I did an MA in Whole Systems Design at Antioch U. Seattle:

There have been some changes since I went through, but it ought to
offer similar processes.  The Environment & Community program is also

For now I'll say just look over the info and questions welcome...

> I've applied for a Master's at Columbia at their Biospehre campus in
> AZ. They've got a new program starting next summer. Its professed aim

> is to create "Problem Solving Earth Systems Proffessionals".
> Not sure exactly what that'll entail, but sounds bitchin' :-

This one?

Skimmed it very quickly, but looks interesting.  Good to see more of
this sort of stuff appearing - if it works out, that is... ! ;-)

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Cultural & Ecological Designing
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