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--- Elijah Smith <elijah at> wrote:

Hey, you in Hilo?  I'll see you sometime next year when I get out to
the Big Island...used to live in Hilo...

> I thought I had left that all behind, but this is way too cool not to
> keep involved in.

Cool, glad to hear you're interested.

> start with a lot of questions posed to the client or potential user
> or marketing dildo or whatnot - basically -
>  - What do you want this system to be used for?
>  - What particular tasks do you want to do with this system?
> etc.

Yes, thanks for putting in plain English what I was trying to say...we
need to consider what we want before we can start building it (or at
least building it well... ;-)

We need people who are potential users to tell us what they would want
to be able to do with the system, in both general and *very* specific
terms.  And we're all potential users, but as my biggest chunk of
relevant tech chops is in QA/test, I can say that when the developers
define the project it is seldom very accessible to the larger user
community...! ;-)

I can come up with some questions, but not until early next year as I'm
about to head out for the holidays...

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