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Richard Morris webmaster at
Mon Dec 17 20:07:09 EST 2001

Two points

1) I do have a list pfaf_developers at yahoo.groups
which was specifically designed for people to discuss the pfaf 
databases and the more technical side of things. I'd be quite happy 
to have this used to discuss more general database ideas.

> Well, I buried pfaf in my thoughts about making an open-source project
> out of the pfaf dataset/database, including links to a number of
> open-source efforts for informational purposes.  (Graham, did I
> mistakenly send you a bunch of info on that, or did that go to the
> right place?  I think I confused "you" with "pfaf" in one mail I
> sent... :-o).

2) Whether pfaf goes open source. Hum, this is a thing which 
has been rumbling about for quite a while now. In principal everyone
at pfaf would like it to be open source, but we also live in a hard 
financial world and pfaf does really need the income generated from
the database. I am investigating the opendoc licence but 
there is a lot else we are trying to do to get us out of a rather
knotty financial situation. I can't honestly say we will arive at an
answer soon. 

What might help matters along is if anyone has ideas of funding
to actually make the database opensource. We'ed really like to
employ people to help enlarge the database and develop a more
user friendly version (complete with pictures). But we are so
stretched at the moment that even looking for funding is tricky.

Please see the 1000 Friends post for more details.

	Love and Light

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