plant DB - startup

permed at permed at
Wed Dec 19 15:44:40 EST 2001

>  I would
>be willing to try to come up with a list of good questions, and start posing
>them, but I'd rather not if anyone else wants to instead (I'm sorta slammed
>for time right now... )
>Also - maybe a different mailing list is in order - with summary reports to
>this one every once in a while?  Then we can get really nerdy.
I think the concept of a collaboratice pc plant data base is terrific but 
I'm not a techo or  nerdy so those aspects don't interest me. What does 
interest me is that the final product is user-friendly and meets the 
needs of pc users.
Siggest using this list to get the 'client'/content needs and a separate 
for the technical gobble-de-gook - like the suggestion of summary reports 
coming to this list - feedback should be an essential part of the process

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