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Wed Dec 19 15:44:37 EST 2001

>> it flows into the reedbeds - once again no grinder. I do have to clean
>> the accumulated muck off the top of the grease trap once or twice a year
>> and process it through a rapid compost heap.
>I have been wondering if you be able to process the solids out of the septic
>tank back through a composting toilet rather than a compost heap?
>What are your thoughts?

The volume of solids from a septic tank would probably fill the whole 
compost toilet & there's be major logistics and all kinds of health 
issues involved. (The system with the septic tank includes the flush 
toilet waste)
In the passage quoted above from my original message I'm talking about a 
grease trap and one could theoretically put it into the composting toilet 
but it's very sloppy and has that powerful distinctive grease trap odour 
which is quite on the nose - I take deep breaths when I'm cleaning the 
grease trap, scoop the stuff quickly into a bucket or two and run to the 
compost heap as fast as I can and cover it with a heap of hay - It takes 
a couple of turnings to loose the odour.

I'm interested in finding out if there's any acceptable way 

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