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>Anyway - comments?

Lots but its 1:50am and I am off to bed, so I'll address most of your
post tomorrow. In brief: The DB probably should be a distributed one
with each developer doing his own thing on the server where he has an
account - except if you want to work in PHP/MySQL I will have an
account set up for you on ibiblio where you can work (free account and
lots of benefits and widgets to play with) - they run the above,  ZOPE
too but don't plan to provide much if any support for it for the long
haul. PHP/MySQL is what I want to use on ibiblio and I will have to
learn it from scratch (have a good selection of books).

>Also - maybe a different mailing list is in order - with summary reports to
>this one every once in a while?  Then we can get really nerdy.

I will go ahead and set one up, in fact two:
1) one for data collection, archiving and retrieval
2) technical discussion about the DB for all developers


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