Update on John Cropper's family

Sharon Gordon gordonse at one.net
Mon Dec 17 20:32:58 EST 2001

Monday, December 17, 2001  Trinidad Guardian 
8:26:47 PM
Angela Cropper returns home

The gloomy, overcast weather mirrored the mood at the Cropper household 
yesterday, where relatives and friends poured in to offer their condolences.

Mourners were seen embracing each other as they arrived at the residence 
perched on a hill in Cascade.
They came to pay their respects to Angela Cropper, whose husband John, 
mother Maggie Lee and sister Lynette Pearson were murdered on Thursday.
Police have since held an 18-year-old male relative for questioning.

Angela, who was in Indonesia when the murders occurred, arrived in Trinidad 
on Saturday night.
She was whisked through the airport's back entrance, avoiding members of 
the media who awaited her arrival.
Her brother Kendrick Persad, said Angela was exhausted from her trip, and 
was unable to speak to journalists.
Asked on how she was coping with the deaths, Persad said his sister was 
"trying to cope as best as she could". The Croppers were married for 31 years.

Persad, who resides in Tobago, said he last saw his brother-in-law, mother 
and sister alive on Monday.
He said John took him to the airport to catch his flight to Tobago.

"I kissed Mom, she was still lying in bed and I told her and Lynette 
goodbye," he said. He said he was shocked days later when the killings 

A family friend, Elizabeth Solomon said funeral arrangements are yet to be 
decided, since many of John and Angela's relatives still are to arrive in 
the country.
In describing Cropper, Solomon said he was "an extremely generous and 
gentle human being. He was a rare and special person."

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