mauna kea (was:Re: plant DB - startup

georg parlow georg at
Mon Dec 17 16:58:34 EST 2001

aloha, elijah (or: bula vinaka, as i used to greet back i my fijian days):

>  I just moved onto 8 acres, on the rainy upslopes of Mauna Kea (at about
> 1400').

sure sounds like fun life! especially from my current perspective: sitting i
an old farmhouse with -9 celsius outside, and firewood that is from a very
old torndown barn and has exhaled most of its vigour over the decades, so if
airpressure is low like today, it is hard to motivate the fire to do more
than flickeringly survive...  remembering my time in the tropics and making
plans about joining a community up in ecuador. [on reading my own statement
above, i wonder how comes i am in such good spirit throughout the day
anyways? :o) ]

> Completed a PDC at a site down the road from me, so these days it's
> a lot of mapping, reading, walking around, thinking, planting some big

i strongly want to second a recent note from john schinnerer, to not forget
about forgetting it all including yourself ever now and then, and just gaze
or watch the lizards...

keep it up!


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