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 I just moved onto 8 acres, on the rainy upslopes of Mauna Kea (at about
1400').  Completed a PDC at a site down the road from me, so these days it's
a lot of mapping, reading, walking around, thinking, planting some big trees
I know I'm gonna want (avocado), etc.  And I have some contract computer
work I'm avoiding, partially because the solar power system isn't what it
could be and doesn't allow me online too often... and partially because
outside is a lot nicer than inside...

 I thought of making a seperate mailing list for development just to keep it
out of the way of people who really don't want to read all the emails... in
my experience a healthy dev project generates a lot of email...


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> hi elija:
> this post sure got me sing and dance (well, clap my hands and shout,
> anyways).
> > In a former life (and still now and then, to make ends meet) I was
> first a question for this list: what are you now? i conclude from your
> address that you are on big island, hawaii, but what are you up to? (late
> responses are prefectly fine - since you mentioned your current time
> tightness).
> and for the yet to be created nerd-list:
> > And maybe I missed it but this is the part I haven't heard much of.  I
> would
> > be willing to try to come up with a list of good questions, and start
> posing
> > them,
> well, i am all in for answering them from my point of view - and maybe add
> question ot two it it jumps on me.
> > Also - maybe a different mailing list is in order - with summary reports
> to
> > this one every once in a while?  Then we can get really nerdy.
> while i havent the grounds for getting nerdy, i think a separate list is
> and would be glad if wannabe geeks are allowed to silent peeping readers,
> and maybe enter a different angle ever now and then by asking a stupid
> (non-tech) question.
> georg
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