plant DB - startup

Elijah Smith elijah at
Mon Dec 17 14:42:05 EST 2001

In a former life (and still now and then, to make ends meet) I was a hotshot
web/database development guy - Perl to SQL to ASP to XML, the works.  I
thought I had left that all behind, but this is way too cool not to keep
involved in.

I would love to create/contribute to/criticize this project, where I can be
helpful - which is probably datamodeling and coding.  I don't really care
about infrastructure, so I'll let those that do care battle it out.  I like
SQL, I like OODBs, I like just about any scripting language you care to
name.  Not to up on C++ lately but enough to screw things up :).

When we would do projects, back where I used to do projects like this, we'd
start with a lot of questions posed to the client or potential user or
marketing dildo or whatnot - basically -

 - What do you want this system to be used for?
 - What particular tasks do you want to do with this system?

and from there get both a data model (Plants, Relationships, Guilds, etc)
and workflow (look up a plant, click on "Companion Plants" or "Known
Guilds", etc etc).

And maybe I missed it but this is the part I haven't heard much of.  I would
be willing to try to come up with a list of good questions, and start posing
them, but I'd rather not if anyone else wants to instead (I'm sorta slammed
for time right now... )

Anyway - comments?

Also - maybe a different mailing list is in order - with summary reports to
this one every once in a while?  Then we can get really nerdy.


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