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Sun Dec 16 16:47:18 EST 2001


> All of that evidence is
> perfectly consistent with evolution, and is inconsistent with other
> theories such as Lamarckism and creationism.

Are there folks who actually posit creationism as a scientific theory? 
I suppose there are...

I see "creation" (Christian, Aboriginal, whatever - there are at least
hundreds of creation stories) as a metaphorical/mythical explanation
("story") and not a scientific theory.  So I avoid the either/or of
"creation *versus* evolution" arguments.  They are IMO simply
explanations that arise in different phenomenal domains.

Issac Asimov (I think it was he...) wrote a wonderful short story that
offered a clever and witty explanation of how the two could have
emerged from the same circumstances.

I would be interested to hear of whatever ways scientists (and
permaculturalists :-) who do not reject creation stories (as part of
their belief system, etc.) out of hand reconcile this for themselves. 
Part of "listmembers' ecologies," IMO.

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