Interactive Projects/information/guilds database --+-- Idea for getting the DB effort off the ground quickly -

georg parlow georg at
Sun Dec 16 10:48:40 EST 2001

thanks, john,

> > I have a new idea to help get the DB off the ground in a hurry:
> What does Dan Hemenway's sig say..."we don't have time to rush"...?
> I'm advocating not rushing.
> And then there's "prolonged and thoughtful observation" instead of
> "protracted and thoughtless labor"... ;-)
>  That is, are we really
> getting started, or just looking busy?

exactly my thoughts when i read the line above, but somehow lost the mail in
dozends of open windows and other stuff i am multitasking on  - so yes, i
second this point. i do not think that we need to "ride a wave" here or else
it wont happen. let's be slow.


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