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>There was a thread here a while back about something similar to the above header,.
>but unfortunately I think it either went a bit 'techie' for me or off on some sort
>of tangent, either way I'm afraid I ended up not following the thread very
>Anyway i was talking to Andy goldring of the UK PC Association yesterday, he was
>saying there are plans to develop somthing along the same lines as a members
>only/password access part of their website, so we thought it might be a good idea
>if efforts could be combined with what is already happening amongst list members
>Would anybody here be able to summarise the ideas so far and who is actively
>developing this project and forward this information to office at
>the UK PC assc website is at

Why don't you invite him to join this list and participate in the
development of the PC plants database. He will have
the opportunity to keep up with what's going on as well as being
directly involved with the project as well as the various invividual
efforts, Mielak's, John's, mine, his, i.o.w. whatever form it takes
and where it is deployed.

Go here to join:

I have a new idea to help get the DB off the ground in a hurry:

while the DB platform is being decided on, developed
and put online for use we can still start collecting  and categorizing
data in an easy-to-use interactive online resource:
a public, no-subscription-required, web & email forum
where all input is archived in a 4-way sortable, indexed, downloadable
archive that can be accessed by the big Web search engines, for
enhanced access & search/retreival. Everyone can use the data acquired
for our collaborative DB or their own. I can do this with Mailman, the
new list software this PC list will migrate to (RSN) when I have time
to make the conversion. I could call it:
email posting id for input would be pcplantdb@<whatever the server
name is>.
website would be (not online yet)

Does this suit John, Miekal and anyone else wanting to be involved?

The advantage to this quickstart method is that it will be very easy
to use (submit input either through the Web interface [a form or
direct email] or by private email) and all information submitted will
be readily available to the public.

A password-protected version of this can be created also.

Ideas, suggestions welcome.


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