Coffee Grounds

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Sat Dec 15 17:59:01 EST 2001

Coffee hulls, husks and grounds are commonly listed as excellent nitrogen 
sources in numerous books on tropical farming. 
Earthworms love coffee grounds.
What I don't feed the worms I put directly into the garden with no 
obvious negative effects to date - to the contrary they seem to be 
conditioning my heavy clay soil beautifully.
'Growing Media' (by Handreck & Black) mentions use of coffee grounds in 
potting mix for its nitrogen content but recommends leaching and aging 
first to reduce the level of salts.

If you have problems with acidification/acidity perhaps you can balance 
this by:
* putting the grounds through a worm farm first (worm castings are 
neutral) or composting (compost humus is also neutral)
* adding agricultural lime or wood ash to the garden with the grounds

Robyn Francis

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