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Thanks for the great resources. The and sites
are excellent. Also, I have discovered a work in progress that Oberlin College in Ohio
has built a living machine that services their environmental building (tho I noticed they are having problems with their Web
Site currently). John Todd, who helped champion the construction and use of living
machines was in Hope Dance magazine talking about these developments . I hope to make a few field trips to
observe a living machine in operation. We do have a two cell constructed wetland on
Purdue ag land that helps filter some dairy cattle wastewater and runoff. I am
interested in working solutions for individual/cluster homes, especially solutions
that homeowners could DYI without having to hire out expensive engineering firms. So
far the best sources on this that I have found are Art Ludwigs grey water booklets . Even here in conservative Midwest US
there is increasing interest in these alternative to septic systems. I have received
two calls in past two weeks from folks wanting to look into these alternatives. The
biggest hurdle is local Health Dept. are very nervous about approving these.


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> Have a look at:
> some material on living machines there
> I have almost 50% more info and links to add to these when I get time.
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