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>>  There is so much more that we need
>> to spend our time working on, the PC plant database for one.
>this is a bit frustrating, the database thread seemed like it was actually turning
>into a collective piece of groupwork (with maybe actually something created as the
>next phase of a larger long term project)...   however, maybe that was just my
>netopian expectations playing games with me.

.... longing for netopulence

I thought it was too. I had not forgotten about it and had planned to
reintroduce the topic. I talked with the admins at ibiblio, which
hosts this list and my website, and asked about Zope and Python.
They will no longer support Zope as it is unstable and crashes too
often. Out new mailing list software (Mailman) is written in Python
which runs on its own server using some software module labelled
modpython. I considered Zope after reading John's comments about it
as a DB platform but have decided to use PHP/MySQL instead,
which ibiblio recommends and runs. I went to Borders and Barnes and
Noble to get books to help me develop my contribution to the PC DB
Titles procured cover topics such as:
web design/authoring/publishing
Unix, Linux

So I guess we have two votes for PHP/MySQL. What do you think, John,


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