georg parlow georg at websuxxess.com
Fri Dec 14 11:48:06 EST 2001

hi steve:

> this mental masturbation. Follow your own advice and take
> it somewhere else. If not, I will.

in german there is a (imho pretty stupid) saying "the smarter person gives
in". in my opinion it is not smart to do so, because if all the smart guys
give in, the stupid rule the world. (uhm, sounds familiar?) it is not the
smarter one, but the more sensitive person, that withdraws first, because
they cant handle the stress level anymore (also see http://hsperson.com).
unfortunately, the more sensitive one is often also the more responsible and
wiser one.

i advise a different means for reducing the stresslevel creatd by people
enjoying to flex their rationality muscle disconnected from their more
socially  and context sensitive faculties: the mail filter.

i would regret it if sean is mobbed out of this list - not because i feel
his contributions are valuable to me, but because i get that the guy isn't
as lopsided as he appears here on the list - but i have no clue why he is
presenting himself in this way here. my wild guess is that he is pretty
young, and was acknowledged by his parents only for being smart. but i am
aware that this is no therapy place for eggheads either. difficult


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