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Fri Dec 14 11:24:46 EST 2001

At 04:02 AM 12/14/01 -0500, S.K. Harrison wrote:

> > But......
> > Personally, I don't have a problem with
> > heterosexual monogomy; it works well for many
> > species in nature.
>Let me rephrase, since you appear to have missed
>my point. People have been working for decades
>and longer to eliminate the *hegemony* of
>institutionalized gender roles and heterosexual
>monogamy, but so far, you've demonstrated a
>blithe ignorance of this historical fact.

With all due respect...I thought this was the Permaculture mailing list, 
not the "History of Institutionalized Gender Roles" mailing list.

I respectfully add my voice to those who request that you stick to the 
topic, rather than attempting to make us all feel guilty or ashamed for not 
sharing your exact viewpoint on the world.  And I'd prefer you do it in a 
way that doesn't continue to fill my mailbox with dozens of irrelevant 
messages a day.  At the moment, your posts and their responses are the 
online equivalent of an invasive, non-native, non-useful plant or animal 
species.  You're fucking up the e-ecosystem.

Thank you for listening.


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